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Italian postcard by ASER. Fosco Giachetti in the film Bengasi Augusto Genina, At the Venice film festival of Giacheti received the Coppa Mussolini for best actor for his role in this propaganda film on the war in Africa between the British and the Italians.

Italian actor Fosco Giachetti — was the leading man in several dramas and fascist propaganda films of the s and s. French postcard by Editions Cinémagazine no. Henri Rollan was a French actor and stage director. In Rollan debuted in film, perhaps attracted by previous film contributions by renowned stage actors such as Charles Le Bargy. Six years after the whole family reconciles when first the mother-in-law recognizes the virtues of the second wife and then the farmer blesses the love between his son Rollan and his stepdaughter Dupré.

In Jeanne la Maudite Rolan is the ruthless murder of his uncle, while an innocent lumberjack is imprisoned for the murder. Rollan played the lead here as a young Republican who unknowingly implicates himself in a plot to rescue Queen Marie-Antoinette during the Reign of Terror. The serial had 6 parts, each split up in 10 episodes.

In Rollan played in another film serial, this time in 8 episodes: Le baron mystère, directed by Maurice Chaillot and starring Pierre Alcover. The super-production rivaled Douglas Fairbanks contemporary Three Musketeers of Rollan's last silent film is probably his most famous one, Paris qui dort René Clair , but released in , in which he starred as Albert, the guardsman of the Eiffel Tower. The startling images of the actors on top of the Eiffel Tower and their reckless behavior still impress today.

After that, Rollin took a break in film acting, but kept playing on stage, performing at various Parisian theatres — in the mids mainly at the Théàtre de Paris and late s at the Théàtre de Port Saint-Martin. During the war Rollan acted in just a few films, while it took until the late s to have his film acting career revived. While Rollan had acted on stage in the s as well, it was in particular from the mids on that this intensified.

Between the late s and early s he must have been constantly working either on stage or on a film set, despite his age. Moreover, from on, he also directed various stage plays and would do so until his death.

From on, Rollan almost exclusively played at the Comédie française, and would do so until Henri Rollan died in Paris on 23 June Of course where he really shone was on stage, as an actor first, later as a renowned director.

None of these persons ever forgot Henri Rollan, a passionate man who had the gift to transmit his genuine passion to other young passionates. For Paris qui dort, see: For Clair de lune, see the compilation made my Diamant-Berger's grandson: Carmen Boni , is best known for her roles in later Italian and German silent cinema.

Born in Rome as Maria Carmela Bonicatti, had a career in Italian cinema in the early and mids with directors such as Guglielmo Zorzi and Augusto Genina, her Pygmalion and her husband. In her first films she still wore her own name, afterwards she shifted to the easier 'Carmen Boni'.

Her first film was Ave Maria directed by and starring Diana Karenne. Boni played the daughter of a countess Karenne who enables her daughter to marry a poor but honest guy in spite of class distinctions.

Soon after Boni played in a variation on the theme: Carmen Boni did her first film with Augusto Genina in La moglie bella , a banker's drama starring Linda Moglia and Ruggero Ruggeri; followed by Il focolare spento In Genina's films, Boni was often paired with the young actor Lido Manetti as her love interest.. In Genina's L'ultimo Lord Boni had her breakthrough as star. Boni's first lead in a film marked her 'gamine' look, namely a girl crossdressing as a boy, i.

Dressed up as a boy, Boni's Freddie tries to fool her women hating grandfather, while falling in love with a prince Manetti.

L'ultimo Lord was a big hit in France and thus paved the way for Genina and Boni to go and work abroad. NB Falena's comedy was so successful that it was refilmed in with again Boni, in with Dolly Haas, and in with Paola Veneroni.

Before leaving Italy, Boni starred opposite young German heartthrob Walter Slezak in Genina's touching stage play adaptation Addio giovinezza , a melodrama about two last year's students who must separate. After that, Berlin called and Boni went there to star in one German film after another: She was also visible in the documentary Paris-Cinéma by Pierre Chenal and Jean Mitry, in which the shooting of the last scenes of Quartier Latin at the Gare de Lyon was recorded.

The documentary closes with Boni's face. When Genina divorced Carmen Boni, she tried to commit suicide, according to Martinelli, and focused on other things instead of cinema. Genina himself stated she swallowed sleeping pills in late because of the advent of sound cinema; she realized her big career would be over because of her inadequate voice. In the mids Boni returned to Italy to star in films like the comedy Quella vecchia canaglia Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia opposite the 'monstre sacré' of the Italian stage Ruggero Ruggeri.

In Carmen Boni was killed in Paris by a reckless car driver, while crossing a zebra. Vittorio Martinelli, Il cinema muto italiano, ; Vittorio Martinelli, Le dive del silenzio; www. Martinelli, IL cinema di Augusto Genina. French actress and singer Mistinguett captivated Paris with her risqué routines.

She went on to become the most popular French entertainer of her time and the highest paid female entertainer in the world. She appeared more than 60 times in the cinema. She was the daughter of labourer Antoine Bourgeois, and seamstress Jeannette Debrée.

At an early age Jeanne aspired to be an entertainer. She began as a flower seller in a restaurant in her home town, singing popular ballads as she sold her flowers. When a song-writing acquaintance made up the name Miss Tinguette, Jeanne liked it. She made it her own by joining it together and eventually dropping the second S and the final E Mistinguett. Mistinguett made her debut at the Casino de Paris in , and appeared also in shows as the Folies Bergère, Moulin Rouge, and Eldorado.

Her co-star in this film is Max Dearly, who chooses her the next year to be his partner to create La valse chaloupée or the Apache Dance in the Moulin Rouge. With Chevalier she would have a relationship of more than 10 years.

The most successful film among her Pathé films from this early silent period was Les misérables , Albert Capelani , a four-part-serial based on the famous novel Victor Hugo. In she first recorded her signature song Mon Homme. It was popularised under its English title My Man by Fanny Brice and has become a standard in the repertoire of numerous pop and jazz singers. In , she succeeded Gaby Deslys at the Casino de Paris, and remained the undisputed star of the Nights of Paris until In her legs were insured for the then astounding amount of , francs.

During a tour of the United States, she was asked by Time magazine to explain her popularity. I say 'Come closer' and draw them to me.

Mistinguett's stage career lasted over fifty years. Italian postcard by B. In her tragically short career, she spent more time in Hollywood and Italy than in her native country. Märta Torén was born in Stockholm, Sweden in Her father is Helge Toren, a major in the Life Guards regiment and, later, advertising manager for one of the daily newspapers. Her childhood is unremarkable although marred by the loss of her sister at an early age and the divorce of her parents.

The sensitive young girl dreamed to become an actress, but she is shy. She begins ballet lessons under the renowned Vera Alexandrova. The lessons will continue until age 14 and will help her to partly overcome her shyness. In , her application to study acting at Dramatens elevskola The Royal Dramatic Theater school was accepted. She became a dedicated student under Anna Norris, a teacher who had also coached Ingrid Bergman.

After only one year, she already left her studies when she met American screen writer and talent scout Edwin Blum who was in Stockholm working on a script for RKO and looking for a leading lady. He arranged a screen test for her and not RKO but Universal-International offered her a seven-year contract. Brilliant casting; Tony Martin plays the suave thief with easy conviction and delivers the Harold Arlen songs skill, charm and gusto.

Marta Toren was arguably the most beautiful woman in films, prior to the arrival of Audrey Hepburn. The emphasis on her eyes reached a peak with a Life magazine cover portrait in that graphically confirmed what all the hype was about. Toren quickly appeared in a total of ten Hollywood movies. In Märta Torén became a naturalized American citizen and she got married to American director and film writer Leonardo Bercovici. They would have a daughter, Christina.

She also got offers for film parts from Rome, and these roles were more demanding than what Hollywood offered her. So the family settled in Rome. In late , on a trip to Stockholm an actor approached her with an offer to replace leading lady Eva Henning in a current play by J.

The thought of performing before a hometown audience reportedly was as frightening as it was appealing to Toren. Ingrid Bergman and other theater friends warned her about the kind of reception she was likely to encounter in her hometown but her debut performance instead got a warm reception from audiences and critics.

In February she appeared again on stage in Mr. Moon at Stockholm's Alléteatern Allee Theatre. After a performance she suddenly fainted before the door of her dressing room. In the hospital doctors diagnosed that she was stricken with a brain hemorrhage. Her husband rushed to the hospital while their daughter was in London, where Marta planned to do film work after her stage appearance. Tragically, she died two days later in the Stockholm hospital.

Märta Torén was only Among the Italian diva's, Maria Jacobini was an island of serenity, as Vittorio Martinelli expressed it, the personification of goodness, of simple love. In some Italian and later also some German fillms, however, she could play as well the vivacious lady, the femme fatale, the comedienne, the hysterical victim and the suffering mother or wife. Italian actor Arnold Kent aka Lido Manetti - had a prolific career in the Italian silent cinema.

He was then brought to Hollywood as a young leading man, but he died before living up to his promise. Livio Pavanelli was an Italian actor of the Italian and in particular German silent cinema. He also worked in Italian sound cinema as actor and as production manager. He directed four Italian films, both in the silent and the sound era.

Livio Pavanelli was born September 7th, , in Copparo and was member of a big family of farmers and merchants from the Ferrara area — his father Andrea being also a notable patriot in the Italian Risorgimento — but as a consequence of financial disasters in the family he moved with his parents to Bologna where he visited the technical school.

During his adolescence he wandered around Italy, eager for excitement. When in Venice in , he fell in love with the stage while assisting a show of wandering artists, and started a theatrical career, performing with various companies like that of Antono Gandusio, and in the Venetican company of Emilio Zago. She might have been his wife, but no additional information is available about this. In Pavanelli played in various boulevard comedies: When sound cinema set in, Pavanelli first played opposite former silent star Maria Jacobini in the film Perché no?

Pavanelli had one last film performance in Germany in the film Frühlingsmärchen Carl Froehlich , in which he appropriately played a singing master from Milan. In the s Pavanelli also became producer, scriptwriter and director. In Pavanelli was also scriptwriter for La mia canzone al vento. In he directed his sole sound feature Solitudine, starring Carola Höhn Pavanelli had already directed three films in the silent era: Silvio Pellico, ; La complice muta, ; Madonnina, After that he only continued as production or unit manager.

Andrea Checchi — was a prolific Italian film and television actor, who peaked in the early s as leading actor, while he had important supporting parts in post-war Neorealism and beyond.

At a very young age he moved to Rome, where he frequented the film academy Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. Then came the realist romantic comedy Avanti c'è posto by Mario Bonnard, in which he rivalled with Aldo Fabrizi for the hand of the young Adriana Benetti. By the mids, Checchi was one of the most wanted young Italian actors, both in dramatic as in comical parts.

Checchi was considered a modern antihero, impersonating loss, resignation and insecurity, and contrasting with the exuberance of young male actors like Rossano Brazzi, Roberto Villa, Massimo Serato, Leonardo Cortese, or the male star of the era, Amedeo Nazzari.

His characters wore wrinkled clothes and his ties askew, rivalled with Massimo Girotti, even if less handsome, in the part of the tormented and fragile protagonist. Moreover, he gifted his characters with a vulnerability which was unusual for the cinema of the s and early s. It was because of actors like Checchi, Girotti, Magnani and up to a point Cervi and Lupi as well, that Italian cinema knew how to move more and more towards neorealism. Checchi had a raw but sensual voice, which considerably contributed to his image of a man with weaknesses but essentially good.

He surely was a star in the cinema of the s, and thus he was photographed by the famous studio photographer Luxardo in Rome: In the postwar era things changed for Checchi.

Though he won his first Nastro d'Argento for best actor in Due lettere anonime Mario Camerini , he received less opportunities to play leads. His sober and restrained acting resulted in memorable secondary parts which adorned films like Caccia tragica by Giuseppe De Santis — in which he played the bad guy as the leader of gang that terrorises the local farmers Carla del Poggio and Massimo Girotti.

Within this second phase of his film career, Checchi played countless parts as supporting actor, which enabled him to work with the great directors of the post-war era and act in several neorealist films.

Often he played military characters, and while he played fascist characters under Mussolini, he often played partisans and antifascists in the post-war Italian cinema. From the s Checchi had an active career in television as well, in particular under the direction of Anton Giulio Majano.

Finally he played the lead of Robert Fenwick in E le stelle stanno a guardare after Cronin, , and Head of Police Bonsanti in the popular Il segno del commando, where he met Girotti again after Caccia tragica. Like his father he also painted, exhibiting his work in various solo exhibitions.

Afflicted by an auto-immune disease — knotty polyarteritis — and after a treatment in a specialised clinic in Geneva he returned to Rome, where died in the Salvator Mundi hospital, on March 29, Gaby Morlay was a French actress with a long standing career, playing in over films. She compensated her small size 1. By chance, she was enrolled in playing on stage.

In she started in cinema, first in comic shorts with Max Linder and afterwards she had her own comedies with her character Gaby. In the Roaring Twenties, she became the symbol of the liberated woman, being the first woman to obtain a licence for flying a zeppelin. When in his wife died, she married him. While Morlay already had an active career in the s, she really peaked in the sound film era.

If she was not involved in big productions she did five films a year in the s. Having often played on stage in Henry Bernstein's plays, she also played in several film adaptations: During the war, Morlay excelled in the popular tearjerker Le Voile bleu Jean Stelli , while in the postwar era Louis Jouvet treated her cruelly in Le revenant Christian-Jacque and she played Michel Simon's clochard friend in Les amants du pont Saint-Jean Henri Decoin , her preferred film.

In the s Morlay played in some Italian films: In Morlay was also part of the Cannes Jury. In Le Plaisir by Max Ophüls, she was the wife of the masked man in the first episode of the film, and in Guitry's Si Versailles m'était conté she was the Countess de la Motte.

Until her death in , Gaby Morlay continued to play in films. Gaby Morlay also had an active stage career from the s to the s, in plays by Sacha Guitry, Marcel Achard, André Brulé and others. Just as at the cinema, she continued to play on stage until her death; for instance, in she played for two years in O'Neill's Long Voyage to the End of the Night.

In Gaby Morlay died of cancer, at age French and German Wikipedia fr. Fantasy was being replaced by social realism. To quote European intellectual historian Peter Gay:.

Neue Sachlichkeit was related negatively to cynicism and resignation, positively to the enthusiasm for the immediate reality as a result of the desire to take things entirely objectively. In substance, Neue Sachlichkeit was a search for reality, for stability, after a period of exuberant hopes which had found an outlet in Expressionism….

This correlation of hard times and wild improvisation in the arts is an important observation, for many of the Neue Sachlichkeit artists were merely sobered and disillusioned former Expressionists. The camera loved Louise Brooks more than perhaps anyone else in the history of cinema.

Even people who have never seen one of her films recognise her trademark hairstyle, that shiny black helmet that is as copied today as it was almost eighty years ago. The picture went into production on 17 June and was completed six weeks later, on 26 July. Louise Brooks, always enigmatically impassive, overwhelmingly exists throughout these two films.

We now know that Louise Brooks is a remarkable actress endowed with uncommon intelligence, and not merely a dazzlingly beautiful woman.

It was not until the late s that Louise Brooks discovered the cinema of Ingmar Bergman and recognised in his work sexual themes similar to those with which she had been associated while working for G. I think that in the two films Pabst made with me … he was conducting an investigation into his relations with women, with the object of conquering any passion that interfered with his passion for his work.

He was not aroused by sexual love, which he dismissed an as enervating myth. It was sexual hate that engrossed his whole being with its flaming reality. Not surprisingly, the censors had a field day with Diary of a Lost Girl and wielded their cutting shears with a vengeance. It was not well received. Critics largely ignored it, and what notices it did receive were uniformly negative. Diary of a Lost Girl received no serious critical attention until the s, when the picture was finally restored, as close as possible, to what Pabst had intended audiences to see.

Westfront and Kameradschaft Comradeship, are regarded as two of the most powerful anti-war pictures ever made. The future was less kind to Louise Brooks. Clair with Frank Tuttle , she found herself reduced to accepting parts in B-westerns. She finally had had enough of the Hollywood studio system, quit the film capital forever, and eventually settled in New York, where she lived in relative obscurity for decades.

There she made a comeback as a writer, producing a remarkably perceptive series of essays about the film industry in which she once had played, however briefly, such an important role. Eisner, The Haunted Screen: In the early s, Jacobini started at the Savoia company of Turin, as seductive maneater, as in Pantera, La zingara, L'onta nascosta and Il focolare domestico.

But her more dramatical roles she already played from as the lead in Giovanna d'Arco and Ananke Good performances she gave in the melancholic Come le foglie by Gennaro Righelli and based on Giacosa's stage play, and in the touching Addio Giovinezza by Augusto Genina. After a series of films with Righelli such as Il viaggio , based on Pirandello, and Cainà , shot in Sardinia, Righelli and Jacobini moved to Berlin. There producer Jakob Karoll enlisted them and a separate company called Maria Jacobini GmbH was founded, for which Jacobini first did Boheme , playing the tormented and suffering Mimi.

The productions were shot all over Europe and even in Africa. In the later s Jacobini performed also in a few Italian films such as La bocca chiusa , Beatrice Cenci and Il carnevale di Venezia With the coming of sound cinema, Jacobini's roles became marginal, though she continued to play in films until her death. In she became teacher in acting at the new Roman film academy Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, where she taught news stars and actresses such as Alida Valli and Clara Calamai.

See also our other card of Maria Jacobini www. Edy Darclea was an Italian actress who was active in Italian and foreign silent cinema in the late s and early s.

They had four children, Amerigo and Maria , born in Baltimore, and Edoardo and Iole , born in Rome, where he family had moved to in the mids. De Giorgio pursued his teaching career but also became a notable amateur photographer, specialised in stereoscopic photography. His rich collection can still be found in Rome at the Istituto centrale per il catalogo e la documentazione.

Iole and her brother played together in many films between the late s and early s, mainly in Italy, but in the mids also in Germany and the US. Darclea debuted in La duchessa del Bal Tabarin Bob aka Nino Martinengo, , in which she played a gay telephone girl who competes with a duchess for the hand of a nice young man. The film, based on a popular operetta, was an early attempt to synchronize sound with records, so Darclea might well have sung in the film, educated by her father.

Darclea was then casted in various epic spectacles. Here Darclea played the title role of Helen, who is adored by her husband Menelaos Friedrich Ulmer and by his rival Achilles Carlo Aldini , but eventually falls in love and elopes with Paris of Troy Vladimir Gajdarov , thus causing war between the Greeks and the Trojans.

Eventually the Greeks invade Troy, misleading the Trojans by using a giant horse filled with soldiers. Paris is killed but Menelaos spares his infidel wife. The film meant her swan song, because nothing more is known of Darclea after this, not even her date and place of death. Kally Sambucini's first name is misspelled as Ely here.

There was no actress Ely Sambucini. From Sambucini was also a couple on screen with her husband in the film series on the dark anti-hero Za La Mort, directed by Ghione himself: Sambucini also acted in other films directed by Ghione, such as Anime buie with Hesperia, and the female lead oppositie Ghione in Senza padre shot in but released in Their last part together was La casa errante She also acted in a few films by other directors.

After Ghione's death in , Sambucini acted in one sound film, Notte di fiamme Night of flames, directed by Ladislao Kish. When asked in an interview in the s what her favorite film performance had been, Sambucini debunked her Za-la-Vie parts and mentioned instead Lo scaldino The Warmer, by Augusto Genina, based on a novel by Pirandello.

While Ghione earlier on had mentioned that the collaboration between Genina and Sambucini had been very difficult because of Genina's cold, rational behaviour, Lotti writes that professional jealousy might have played a part in Ghione's statement. In any case, Pirandello was glad with Sambucini's performance. Also the film press raved about this realist tragedy and its true emotions. A shabby resale of cigars and newspapers is run every night by old Papa-Re King Daddy, played by Alfonso Cassini , heated by an old clay warmer.

One day the warmer falls to pieces. At night the old man finds a singer from the nextdoors cafe-concert Sambucini with a baby in his kiosk. She wants to take revenge on her lover who dumped her.

The old man and the baby warm each other. The woman shoots her lover and flees, leaving the old man with the baby.

Dutch Postcard by Gebr. She works for a laundress Elisabeth Flickenschildt and falls in love with a handsome architect Paul Hubschmidt. Scampolo was loosely based on the play Scampolo by Dario Niccodemi.

It was not the first film adaptation. In there was already an Italian silent film directed by Giuseppe Sterni that featured Margot Pellegrinetti as Scampolo. Silent film Diva Carmen Boni played her also in a later Italian production. This version has been recently rediscovered and restored by the Bologna cinematheque. Scampolo also serves as a perfect vehicle for Carmen Boni's verve and comic skills.

She's rejected by her drunken aunt because of her dog, and has to leave the house. Scampolo becomes his maid, and the two gradually fall in love. This time Scampolo has nowhere to live in Berlin, and must sleep rough. She does have a very low-paying job, doing menial tasks for a laundress Hedwig Bliebtreu. Eventually, she meets handsome Karl Diehl, a respectable bank manager from England who is nonetheless skint because he lost his job and all his money when his bank failed.

The version with Romy Schneider was the last film adapatation, till now. Luigi Serventi , aka Gigi Serventi , was a male star of Italian silent cinema, often casted with Italian divas such as Pina Menichelli.

After his Italian career he continued in Germany and Czechoslovakia in the s. Fosco Giachetti was born in in Livorno, Italy. He was the brother of actor Gianfranco Giachetti. The film appeared in Fascist Italy in two separate parts: They are essentially one film.

It was the grim story of post-revolutionary Russia, the forced collectivization of the economy and the brutal suppression of human rights, all told from the viewpoint of one woman, Kira.

Ayn Rand's novel was autobiographical and was essentially a diatribe against the loss of individuality in totalitarian societies. The film attracted a sizable audience in Italy. The Fascist government saw the film s as a condemnation of Soviet misery but when it became aware that the film s implied a condemnation of all totalitarian states, left and right, it withdrew them from distribution.

After the war, he returned to the stage. In , he appeared in an tv adaptation of A. Cronin's novel The Citadel, La Cittadella. Fosco Giachetti died in , Rome, Italy, because of heart problems. In , in Sesto Fiorentino a galleria was opned in tribute to him, the name is Galleria Fosco Giachetti. Italian Yvonne De Fleuriel - was a singer and actress of variety and silent films.

She was very popular during the Belle Epoque. In her early twenties, she met the actor Nicola Maldacea, who introduced her to the world of the chanson.

He also suggested her to take the stage name of Yvonne De Fleuriel. The beautiful singer became popular among the public, when she performed in the best-known café-concerts in Naples. She was now one of the most famous Italian singers. De Fleuriel's lovers were many. Carlo Meretti who with Galdieri had procured her her success Thérèsine in Paris, was rejected and committed suicide. Hence De Fleuriel's reputation as femme fatale started. In , the beautiful Yvonne De Fleuriel began her cinema career with the film HP , Oreste Gherardini also with Gudo Trento and produced by Napoli Film, but the press didn't like this adaptation of a stage comedy by Amerigo Guasti.

In Il trono e la seggiola , a romantic comedy, Tullio Carminati plays a Merry King, who is bored by court life and finds happiness in the arms of a Roman countryside girl, Cecilia De Fleuriel , State affairs recal the king to his Blue Reign, where he is urged to marry a lady of noble kin, to save the crown. But the Merry King has never forgotten his Cecilia.

He abandons crown and reign and returns to Rome, to embrace his simple and good country girl again. At the time, Dino Lombardo wrote in the Neapolitan journal La Cine-Fono that this comedy was successful in every which way. Lombardo praised the script by Genina and Piero Romolotti for its straight forwardness, while still keeping the combination of sentimentality with liveliness.

Lombardo also praised the direction by Genina and the production by Tiber Film. Despite her fresh start in film after her career in vaudeville Lombardo noted: Io sono fatta cosí! Useful information for all Great remarkable issues here. I am very satisfied to look your article. Thanks a lot and i am taking a look ahead to touch you.

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